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Why Refer to Clean Colonic? Procedure before colonoscopy, for constipation, or chronic constipation.

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Our technicians are Certified by the manufacturer and carry their own malpractice. We are committed to staying within our scope of practice of Colon Hydrotherapy and follow the protocol of the manufacture and recommendation of treating physician.

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Video for Colonoscopy Prep Talk from a GI

Colon Cancer information and Colonic talk from a GI

Questions about Colon Cancer?

Why are we still struggling with colon cancer detection?

Colon cancer and other conditions in the colon can be treated or cured if the detection is in the early steps. So, why is it that in Puerto Rico is second death cause in cancer patients and the third in the USA?

The reason is simple and the solution is more simple than ever said. More than 70% of people who never get a colonoscopy, are avoiding the preparation for the study. It is amazing that the study by itself is not a controversy in a persons mind but the prep part is the one that scares them the most.

Traditionally, there is been oral prep protocols that the patient has to follow in order to have a colonoscopy. This preps can have some differences depending on the health condition of the patient, but at the end the problem is the same. They all are difficult to do, for lots of people, because of the large amount of disgusting flavor liquids, to swallow the day before the test and some times even in the same day. But this is only one inconvenient part. The secondary effects that brings this traditional prep, are the most unwanted that anybody could think about. The nauseas, bloating, electrolytes imbalance, dizziness, weakness, cramps, and profuse diarrhea, are the ones that almost anyone can scape (there are other more serious effects depending in the selected prep and the health condition of the patient). And you can add the famous liquid diet the day before and not being able to ear anything before the test. So, at the time of the colonoscopy, usually the patient have a huge level of discomfort, feeling seek and then it comes the anesthesia.

Another important angle is the recovery stage, which is terrible, because of the already weak patient and the side effects from the prep and the anesthesia.

All this said, lets explain the different kinds of traditionally preps.

1. Polyethylene glycol (PEG)- PEG results in osmotic retention of electrolytes in the lumen which acts as a cleanser and it is preferred in high risk group patients. (eg, CCF, Renal impairment, Liver insufficiency)

2. Osmotic Laxatives- Phospho Soda (Fleet), Magnesium citrate, Mannitol. The action of saline laxatives results from the hyperosmotic effect of poorly absorbed magnesium or phosphate ions within the small intestine and from the retention of water that indirectly stimulates stretch receptors and increases peristalsis. (Not be used in patients with CCF, CRF, decompensated cirrhosis, or electrolyte abnormalities)

3. Stimulant laxative- Sodium picosulphate and bisacodyl. This regimens stimulate bowel peristalsis and promote fluid sequestration in the gut. Causes less fluid and electrolyte shifts than phospho soda.

Even this traditional preps can fail to clean the bowel as needed to have a clear view of the colon and detect any anomalies, and the patient will have to do it all over again.

The ColoLAVAGE Prep, has come to change history, if more and more gastroenterologists start using this revolutionary method to prepare their patients for colonoscopy and other detection tests. The ColoLAVAGE form is helping lots of people to have the colonoscopy without the anguish and stress caused by the traditional prep. Analyzing the huge benefits it brings, we can understand that more people will be having the test and early detection of any disease that will allow the doctors to treat it and reduce the astonishing and unnecessary mortality colon cancer rate.

This preparation requires that the patient consume only one bottle of Snapple, that is mixed with a tasteless laxative (Miralax), the day before the test, in addition to having the patient undergo colon hydrotherapy two hours prior to their colonoscopy.

Every single patient that has undergone to this new prep, preferred it on top of any other without a doubt. There are no significant side effects that will stop them from doing it. They will need less anesthesia, less recovery time and it make it easier for the gastroenterologist to conduct the test because colon hydrotherapy leads to a well hydrated colon and since water is a natural lubricant, it allows the colonoscope to slide easier throughout the colon. This is a very important point because easier colonoscopies lead to lower perforation rates and less anesthesia related complications.

Dr. Chris Demetriou, the owner of a GI clinic called GI DOCTORS and Amy Sanders, president of “GPACT,” Global Professional Association for Colon Therapists are the co-creators of the ColoLAVAGE. Lets gave them a huge applause for bringing traditional and natural medicine together, for a better and important cause.

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